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The Art of Fugue

Author: Luis Sagasti

Publisher: Treinta y Seis (Argentina)

Arnaldo and Ludmila, Colonel Pigafetta, Blas and Blus, are musical figures that escape from the staff before the orchestra plays them. And in that flight in flight they go through the work of the great classics. The art of the fugue tells of the adventures of these notes that embark on the adventure of life, without knowing what awaits them beyond their score.

Cuatro Gatos Foundation Award 2017

I illustrated this funny and peculiar story twice, once in collaboration with the author and the second for Editorial Treinta y Seis. 

They were my first characters with movements and life. I got to know them while Luis developed the story, the two versions were a unique encounter with this peculiar world.

Cold water


It is the story of a good bandit with three inseparable friends and two very endearing bad guys. They are three stories to know how the bad guys work and also to see their good part, a place where there is no room for resentment or revenge.  

Author: Ramiro Obedman

Digital book.


Cold Water and the mystery of the octopuses.

Cold Water and the mystery of the stolen clouds.

Cold Water and perpetual night.


El arte de la fuga.
El arte de la fuga
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Loa Campos de Algodón
El arte de la fuga
El arte de la fuga
Agua Fría y el misterio de los pulpos
Agua Fría y el misterio de las nubes robadas.
Agua Fría y la noche perpetua.
Agua Fría
Agua Fría
Agua Fría
Agua Fría
Agua Fría
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