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Avatar portraits are, in essence, emotions in motion.  


Each living being on this planet makes me see and feel lines of color, not in my mind, I feel it on my skin, and I can only express it through painting.


With what I feel, I develop a writing of color, which wants to express, who it is, what it emits, how much light moves the essence of the animal  that I am portraying.

I make these Avatar portraits on canvas with a wooden frame and beveled edges with a width of 4cm, (they do not need a frame).

The measurements that I have used in these photographs are 1x1m and 1x135m.

I make a preliminary sketch that will be the guide for the final work.

If you dare to entrust me with a unique and very different job, write to me and I will give you more details. 

Esamaye 100x161cm
Nara 1x1cm
Euphoria 100x135cm
Ani 60x60cm
Fase final
Primavera 40x200cm
El grito leona 100x65cm
El grito 100x65cm
Nereo 100x135cm
El jardín de Elioth 80x200cm
Nereo 100x135cm
Roy 100x100cm
Flores del árbol puente 100x80cm
Miko 100x100cm
Dormitorio Mico Baloo
Baloo 100x100cm
Cinque 100x135cm
Cinque acrilico estudio
Goran 100x100
India 100x135cm
Kenya 100x100cm
Los enamorados
Boti 100x100cm
El Dandi 100x100cm
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